Sophia Square is the brand new community radio soap opera broadcast on Radio Cardiff. Set in the Bay area of Cardiff, Sophia Square will display the many and varied people who live in a community with a unique and rich history. It is a community project, bringing together a volunteer team of writers and actors for Radio Cardiff’s first ever soap opera.

Sophia Square was shortlisted in two drama categories at the 2013 British Public Radio Awards. Go here for more information.
Our producer Rhys Phillips was shortlsited for ‘Best Drama Producer’ at the Radio Production Awards. Go here for more information. 

“your post-prod work is hitting the nail on the head really well…the script quality was particularly impressive” – Dirk Maggs
“you’ll be challenging us in Ambridge! Well done” – Tim Bentinck, The Archers
“on a par with anything BBC radio drama would have come up with” – Jim Lee, BBC Radio 4
“great. Really lively…gives a real sense of location – great mix of voices!” – Alison Quinn, BBC Radio Wales 

Listen to Josh aka Richard Shannon and Alan aka Scott Travers battle it out in the Radio Cardiff Music Quiz of 2012, hosted by our very own producer, Rhys Phillips.

Latest Episode: Friday 20th December 2013

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